10 Best Payroll Apps in 2024

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I like the easy, three-step process to run payroll but found it difficult to get around the warnings. Also, time off data doesn’t necessarily sync with payroll or an employee’s time off information in their profile. Finally, along with running payroll, you can use Square’s app to track employees’ paid time off (PTO), sick leave, and overtime. That’s not bad for a straightforward, completely affordable app. Paychex Flex’s plans aren’t the cheapest, but its payroll app is easily the best one out there. If running payroll from anywhere in the world on any web-enabled device is a must for you, Paychex Flex is the way to go.

If you aren’t using Wave’s accounting program, though, most of the other picks on this list will give you more payroll and HR features for less. In contrast, ADP, which outsources its insurance integrations, charges an extra fee on top of the premium. Ditto Paychex, which does have an in-house insurance team but still charges extra for insurance add-ons. We wouldn’t recommend Square Payroll alone for companies that have dozens or even a handful of employees. The information it shows you is, for the most part, easily scannable and user-friendly. Behind those modest working pages is an efficient, intuitive payroll-processing engine.

Benefits and features to look for in payroll apps

While all the payroll apps in this guide are free to download, you need a paid software subscription to use its tools. These payroll management apps also allow you to view basic reports and process wage payments for employees and contractors. It offers affordable and highly reliable payroll solutions to suit businesses of various sizes. Although TriNet Zenefits offers more features, Gusto stands out as the most user-friendly platform and is not short on payroll and HR solutions. Key features include lifetime accounts, unlimited pay runs, and multi-state payroll.

You’ll need to request a free quote to see your particular pricing. If you’re already using QuickBooks for accounting, then QuickBooks Payroll is our easiest to set up option, as everything will be automated, and it’s going to be an intuitive program for any QuickBooks user. You’re unlikely to need to contact support for help because the tutorial and knowledge base are so thorough. Even if that’s not working for you, a quick search online will send you to a multitude of walkthroughs. In our opinion, the best free payroll software is Payroll4Free, which lets you run payroll for up to 25 employees. And if you’re not sold on software, you can always try a free payroll software alternative, such as free payroll calculators and payroll templates.

Best for Excel Users

While you may need to pay something, you can report income for multiple states and any monies earned abroad. Yes, Payroll4Free.com offers check printing as part of its free package. PenSoft offers a range of packages with attractive features but isn’t as comprehensive as TriNet Zenefits. Offers a decent range of features but lacks advanced functionalities such as easy payroll cancellations, FICA Tip Credit for restaurants, and lifetime accounts. Offers a solid feature profile but lacks a few advanced functions, such as expense integration and digital signatures. Offers competitive pricing but lacks several key features, such as automatic payments, net-to-gross calculations, and workers’ compensation.

  • From there, I could either send the employee an invite to input their own information (which I could then review for accuracy and approve) or manually enter the data myself.
  • Compared to Payroll4Free, TimeTrex’s community edition payroll software offers more time-tracking and scheduling features, and it’s cloud-based.
  • Justworks’ time-tracking app, Justworks Hours, is similarly well reviewed by both iOS and Android users.
  • Magazine and the founder of ProsperBull, a financial literacy program taught in U.S. high schools.
  • If you have only an income source or two, such as a W-2 job and interest from a high-yield savings account, then the simple framework of a mobile tax app should work well.
  • SurePayroll is an online payroll solution catering to the needs of small businesses.
  • As of this writing, mobile app users give Paycom 4.7 out of 5 on Google Play and 4.8 out of 5 on the App Store.

OnPay offers an easy-to-use, affordable online payroll solution that’s ideal for small businesses. There are no hidden fees, which is important for a small business on a budget. The full-service payroll automates calculations and files your best payroll app federal, state, and local payroll taxes. Gusto is similar to other payroll software solutions in that it offers direct deposit or checks to pay your employees. It also tracks and files federal, state, and local taxes automatically.

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